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(Sometimes I Feel Like) Ted Nolan

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We danced the dark fantastic
You were derisive and obscure
Heads turned when half-heard bloody murder
merged with words of thoughts unpure
and you headed for the door
You told me I had a lot to learn
and it would be better if I never returned

I never knew what happened

Remember the conquering lover
who ran with the women who ran with the wolves
Remember the celebrated winner
with a trophy that no one remembers he won
Sometimes I feel like Ted Nolan
You have to go away to be the Comeback Kid
Nobody owes me anything
for something I never did


Diamondbacks 5, Phillies 4

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Box score

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Endorsements and the Inexorable

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City of Joyful Dread

The Revolution Will Be Intersectional outside City Hall Philadelphia during a Freddie Gray rally, April 30, 2015.  Available via Flickr.

This isn’t about Rex Ryan (though I do wonder how Tom Brady feels).

It’s more about my own endorsement, which you wouldn’t think would be that difficult since my car has a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker*, among approximately 34 others**.

* A 60something black hippie walking up to me outside my car in Camden a few months ago, apparently not noticing this: “Lemme guess, I bet you’re votin’ for Bernie Sanders.”

Me: “Most likely.”

Him: “I can always tell.  If you got bumper stickers: you’re votin’ for Bernie Sanders.  If you got a gun rack: you’re votin’ for Ted Cruz.”

** This also removes me from any jury pool where I will be asked the question, “Does your car have any bumper stickers?  If so, what are they?”  Specifically…

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MLB Preview 2016: NL Central

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I’m writing divisional previews this year because I had way too much to write about the AL West.

NL Central

* = projected playoff team

This was a tough one (which isn’t why it’s last; that was just random).  I don’t think this is The Year for the Cubs despite, you know, real cubs and other things that haven’t occurred since 1945, 1908, or ever.  The Cubs probably won’t win 100 games because no one does (except the 2015 Cardinals, who really only won 89), and the Plexiglass Principle, and an NL division that lacks the Phillies, Braves, Rockies, or Padres.  So there’s the Pirates, who are sexy because they shift and pitch-frame and have Ray Searage and oh by the way also have Andrew McCutchen (who “slumped” to .292/.401/.488 last year, with an OPS+ of 145 that was his worst since 2011?!—with a career-high 98 walks, too?!) and Gerrit Cole.  John Jaso could be this year’s Scott Hatteberg (I mean the 2002 Scott Hatteberg, though actually John Jaso is better than Scott Hatteberg).

I wanted to pick the Pirates because of all of this, both underrating the Pirates and overrating the Cubs, but then there’s this:


(The Pirates website actually lists them Liriano-Cole-Niese-Locke-Nicasio because Opening Day Starter, but really, Cole’s the ace here.)

The bullpen is equally underwhelming (so that’s what happened to Kyle Lobstein).

The counterargument, of course, is this:


Which I think is better, but how much better, and (with all due respect to Chris Bosio) how much does Ray Searage neutralize any degree of better?

Maybe a better counterargument is this:


Ladies and gentlemen, your 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals (pending Johnny Cueto).  Although see “The bullpen is equally underwhelming” above; these aren’t the Royals.

I think these teams are about even, with the Cardinals not that far back.  If there’s any deciding factor for me, it’s probably Maddon.  And though I don’t think it’s The Year for the Cubs, yet, it’s A Year, and even if it’s only Last Year again, it’s a little better just because there’s more of it, and when you’ve been used to none of it for so long, that’s not a bad thing.

Hockey Dreams, 2002

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From an old dream journal:


I. I’m in a huge hockey arena, way up in “luxury seats” far away from the ice. Bill Guerin is singing lounge songs.  He then becomes Alex Chilton, who walks with me and a few others onto a field.  He tells me to write down two aliases to use for team names, like a fantasy hockey team.  I write “Raven” and “Tramp,” after the Lowell Fulsom song covered by Chilton.

II. I take in a deer (with antlers, like a small reindeer) from my backyard, which is like a forest, with lots of trees.  I carry it upstairs and take it to bed with me, resting my head on it.  I wake up worried about, would it need to move its bowels, eat, was it OK?  It’s my old room from high school.  I wake up my mother (it’s 2 a.m.) and tell her what I’m worried about.  Her only response is, “What just happened in hockey?  I haven’t been following it this season.”  I’m offended, return to my room to check on the deer, but my light doesn’t work; I feel around and the deer isn’t on my bed either. I eventually find the deer in the corner, standing quietly looking out the window.