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Seattle 4, Phillies 2

Posted in 2011 Phillies on June 18, 2011 by wechslerh66

Miguel Olivo went deep off Oswalt
when I went to sleep
& when I woke up–
reruns on Comcast;
Miguel Olivo’s a Mariner now?
.196/.274/.343 home,
.268/.288/.491 away–
who misses the Kingdome?
Worley vs. King Felix tonight
hope I’m drunk by ten



Posted in 2011 Phillies, non-de Jesus related on May 22, 2011 by wechslerh66

The Mariners beat the Padres 4-0 last night behind rookie Michael Pineda (now 6-2, 2.16, 61/14 K/BB ratio in 58 1/3 IP with a WHIP of 0.94), who obviously needs to dominate behind this lineup:

Ichiro rf
Figgins 3b (.212/.251/.291 in 165 AB, with a 7/5 SB/CS ratio)
Smoak 1b
Olivo c (.208/.277/.300 in 130 AB)
F. Gutierrez cf (1 hit in 12 AB after missing two months with IBS)
Brendan Ryan ss
Mike Wilson lf
Jack Wilson 2b

What’s scary is, Seattle (21-24) is only 1.5 games behind Texas (23-23) for first in the AL West.

What’s scarier is, Olivo may have been the worst cleanup hitter in baseball last night, but it’s close:

Brad Hawpe, SD .232/.297/.336 in 125 AB
Torii Hunter LAA .255/.310/.326 in 178 AB
Jason Bay NYM .222/.314/.333 in 90 AB
Aaron Hill TOR .250/.287/.330 (batting behind Jose Bautista, he of the .364/.509/.841 with 18 HR and 38 BB in 132 AB)
Evan Longoria (!) TB .211/.325/.394 in 71 AB (Phillies fans, time to begin the Eva chant)
Carlos Lee HOU .244/.271/.387 with 6 BB in 168 AB

What’s scariest for Phillies fans is (small sample size alert), Olivo’s OPS+ of 69 is still better than that of Wilson Valdez (52), Pete Orr (60), Brian Schneider (48), Michael Martinez (21), and Dane Sardinha (45), and not much worse than Ross Gload (73), even before you factor in the defensive value of Olivo at catcher– and at the moment (small sample size alert II), he’s not much worse than Carlos Ruiz (.217/.320/.325, OPS+ of 78). (The only Phils with an OPS+ above 100 are Victorino, Polanco, Howard, and Mayberry. Rollins and Francisco aren’t that far behind.)

It could be worse, though. Check out the bottom of the Dodgers’ order vs. the White Sox last night:

Barajas c .222/.262/.407 with a BB/K ratio of 5/38– and 3 of the 5 walks are intentional!
Jerry Sands rf .205/.302/.349 in 83 AB
Loney 1b .232/.272/.280 with 1 HR in 168 AB, OPS+ of 57 (just for comparison, Mark Grace, age 39 with Arizona: .200/.279/.304 with 3 HR in 155 AB, OPS+ of 48– effectively, Loney is Mark Grace the year before he retired)
Gibbons rf .185/.281/.222 in only 27 AB– would you rather have Tony Gwynn, Jr? (.208/.250/.306 in 72 AB)
Russell Mitchell 3b 2 hits in 20 AB– one of them was a homer, though!

Maybe it isn’t quite 1968. On the other hand, I did pick the Tigers.

Fab Five

Posted in 2011 Phillies on May 17, 2011 by wechslerh66

Courtesy of a deli on 17th Street. Someone’s the number one fan of the man from Tennessee.

A few words for Phillies fans chanting “USA! USA! USA!” upon the death of Osama Bin Laden, May 1, 2011

Posted in 2011 Phillies on May 2, 2011 by wechslerh66

The death of Bin Laden, who was supposedly assassinated by US forces while in Pakistan, is irrelevant. It never mattered that he was alive to begin with, given the very operation his organisation was supposedly running. The same mistake was made by the Red Brigades operating in Italy during the 1970s – one cannot attack the capitalist system by merely murdering capitalists. The nodal points of business still function with a degree of effortlessness, resisting the slight bumps of assassination. Ideas do tend to outlive their holders. As Roland Jacquard claimed in 2002, Al Qaeda ‘no longer needs either [Bin Laden’s] physical existence or his funds; alive or dead, he has become a talisman for a diffuse, self-sufficient terrorist network with every intention of fulfilling its mission to “lead the world into the apocalypse”.’ One might as well start bumping off the managers of Coca Cola.
— Binoy Kampmark, quoted in COUNTERPUNCH, 5/2/2011

A shadu la ilaha illa Allah
–Steve Earle, “John Walker’s Blues”

Also worth remembering: Kyle Kendrick is a AAA pitcher. Beware the two unearned runs and 2/8 K/BB ratio* behind the 2.08 ERA in 13 IP! The ghosts of Michael Mimbs and Kyle Abbott will track you down!

* Half of the walks are intentional, but beware nonetheless.

* Also note: this is NOT a defense of Bin Laden or “Bin Ladenism”– merely a comment that destroying one individual, however deserving, does not destroy the energy behind the destruction that he, and his followers, and his destroyers, and the destroyers of his destroyers, and the destroyers of the destroyers of his destroyers, &c. hath wrought.

Lee a Nueva York: ¡Véte al carajo!

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The King of Philadelphia

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He was the top free agent on the market. New York was desperate and offered him everything. He was a star. He gave them exactly what they lacked.

He was willing to deny them. Willing to take a major discount to be with teammates he knew and respected, to walk away from millions and the bright lights of Broadway in exchange for the opportunity to win somewhere he wouldn’t be number one, where others would complement his talents.

He had never won a title. He was a runnerup, probably would have willed his team to a title one season if it weren’t for the powerhouse that beat them in the finals to win one more title for their own tremendous core. So he knew what it took, where he wanted his team to be someday.

He told the media, “It’s about everybody having their own spotlight and then just doing what’s best for the team.” He meant every word.

But because he was a brash young black man named LeBron James rather than an Ozark folk hero named Clifton Phifer Lee, he became Public Enemy Number One and had his jersey burned in effigy.

True, The Decision was a travesty, and LeBron’s ego far exceeds that of Cliff Lee, and would-be Yankees are always more bittersweet than would-be Knicks. But beyond the rhetoric, both men are mortals, making mortal, fundamentally uncontroversial real world decisions. Both men want to win.

It’s a shame winning in both cases meant Cleveland’s loss, but who ever would have thought it would be Philadelphia’s gain?

The Ballad of Ben Francisco

Posted in 2011 Phillies on November 2, 2010 by wechslerh66

The World Series wasn’t even over (well, officially over) when someone called 610 WIP demanding that the Phillies sign Cody Ross. Never mind that Babe Ross is arbitration-eligible, assuming San Francisco tenders him a contract; the Phillies already have a Cody Ross clone who’s a year younger and made almost $4 million less last season. Malcontent WIP callers, meet Ben Francisco.

Ross career: .265/.323/.466, 104 OPS+, .340 wOBA
Francisco career: .263/.329/.446, 105 OPS+, .338 wOBA

Ross has a slight edge in power (1 HR every 23.6 AB as opposed to 1 HR every 28 AB) and a huge edge in AB (2031 career vs. 1093 for Francisco, who has never topped the 500 AB mark, dropping from 499 in 2008 to 459 in 2009 and 197 last season), though the presumed departure of Jayson Werth will help increase Francisco’s AB. Also, UZR has Francisco as brutal in both center and right (-4.8 and -5.2 career/-19.5 and -14.1 per 150 defensive games) where Ross is average (0.4 and 2.2/0.2 and 2.0), though presumably Francisco will end up in left for the 2011 Phillies, where he’s at 3.5 career/3.4 per 150 (Ross is at 0.9/3.9). Basically, both are better options than Ibañez or Burrell and won’t kill you if they end up where they should end up.

More encouraging news for the man who took Darren Daulton’s number:

He has a 974 similarity score with former Met Benny Agbayani, who wasn’t half bad (and about whom the immortal Harry Kalas once noted, “Benny is of Hawaiian ancestry, meaning he is built for comfort, not for speed”), but his 10th most similar batter through age 28 is none other than Jayson Werth. (Other Phillies content: Wes Chamberlain appears on both lists.)

Ross is a decent outfielder whose 2010 salary of $4.45 million may increase even more dramatically because of a beyond-decent postseason. Francisco, on the other hand, won’t make much more than his $470,000 salary in 2011 without the same body of work behind him…so far. Nihilism? We’ll take it– but we have our own, thanks.

Totally unrelated World Series words of wisdom, courtesy of (who else) Joe Morgan: “When you do not have the lead and you’re the team that can be eliminated, the more pressure applies to you.”