Angels 6, Orioles 2


Box score

More photos

Orioles fan #1: “Hey Givens, if you get a strikeout, I’ll give you $1000!” (He didn’t.)

Orioles fan #2: “Hey Calhoun, you’re the only player in the Angels’ whole lineup whose batting average starts with a 1. That’s really bad. …. You would fit right in on the O’s!”

Orioles fans need to learn how to heckle.


2 Responses to “Angels 6, Orioles 2”

  1. rob espenscheid Says:

    Back in April I saw the O’s above .500 just missing October. I still don’t understand this.

    • I had them at 72-90 and that’s optimistic. Only the Royals, Rockies, and White Sox have allowed more runs, but only the Royals have scored fewer runs. And that’s WITH Machado, whom no one expects to be an Oriole in August (add Adam Jones and really any other Oriole anyone would want, too).
      Almost 40,000 fans yesterday, but that was for the shirt (see photos).

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