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Offseason baseball dream #1

Posted in 2016 Other, post-de Jesus era on November 24, 2016 by wechslerh66

I’m at Citizens Bank Park watching a baseball game. I notice on the scoreboard, which for some reason is above home plate rather than the outfield, that Chase Utley is leading off and realize he’s a Phillie again, having signed with them as a free agent when his contract with the Dodgers ended. I welcome him back, although I wonder whether bringing him back was a good baseball decision. I wonder where Howie Kendrick will play, and why the Phillies traded for him. I walk over to where the bullpens used to be, but the bullpens are gone, or at least there are no pitchers in them, but instead there are only small children playing children’s games, part-Little League and part-playground. I begin wandering the stadium with my camera, looking for the bullpens so that I can take photos of the pitchers warming up. Eventually I descend an escalator to a large, mostly empty concourse and find them, only I can no longer see the pitchers warming up because the bullpens are covered in an enormous veil, like gypsy moths covering a forest, through which I can only see shadows of what I can imagine are pitchers throwing warm-up tosses. “They didn’t want people staring at them taking photos,” someone explains to me. “It distracted them and they didn’t like it.” I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to take photos of pitchers warming up again, ever be able to post them to Instagram and Flickr again. I wake up, delirious, but confident that the Phillies made a good baseball decision, because Howie Kendrick is a better baseball player than Chase Utley.