Phillies 7, Royals 2



Box score

More photos

Opposing team jerseys in the stands: BRETT 5, HOSMER 35, PEREZ 13, CAIN 6, MOUSTAKAS 8, GORDON 4, KEMPF 14 (??), JACKSON (Bo not Danny?), ESCOBAR 2, McRAE 11, MERRIFIELD 15 (shirsey), DAVIS 17, GREINKE 23, DeJESUS 9, ORLANDO 16 (shirsey)

Not quite a Royals jersey: MONARCHS jersey #41

More unusual Phillies jerseys/shirseys in the stands: WILLIAMS 31 (Jerome, not Mitch or Mike), EISENREICH 8 (ex-Royal), WISE 31, TRILLO 9

Future Phillies jersey in the stands: CRAWFORD 2 (Reading Phillies)

Wrong teams: MARKAKIS 20 (Orioles jersey), KILLEBREW 3 (Twins shirsey)

Wrong sport: SIMMONS 25 (Sixers shirsey), KEARSE 93 (Iggles jersey), FOUTS 15 (Chargers jersey)

Not a sport: DEADPOOL 91

The Pope of Kansas City: this guy


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