All-Stars (2016 edition)

Perez 13
Royals catcher Salvador Perez (2013-2015 All-Star)

Writer Friend Rob in Iowa recently wrote me:

This is kind of frivolous… but in voting for the NL all-stars I inadvertently wound up with 8 players from 8 different teams. Is there a larger meaning? No. But it’s sorta cool.

Goldy Murph Seager Arenado Lucroy Fowler Marte Piscotty
ari dc la col mil chi pitt st lou

Pitch Bumgarnt (frisco) and there you go

ps – I remember one year when the Rose-led Big Red started near the whole team.

My response:

I can’t top you.

c Posey
1b Goldschmidt
2b Murphy
3b Arenado
ss Seager
of Harper
of Herrera
of Polanco
p Kershaw

Two Nats and two Dodgers–plus a Phillie and no Cubs, incidentally. You could swap out Herrera for Fowler, or for that matter Posey for Lucroy (who is having a better offensive year, so far, though Posey’s not having a bad year and has the better career), but still, two Nats and two Dodgers. Rizzo, Bryant, and Arrieta will all be there, but not ahead of Goldschmidt, Arenado, or Kershaw (on my ballot anyway–Rizzo was leading the world in All Star votes the last I checked). The whole Pirates outfield could be there too (I have Polanco, you have Marte, and somehow neither of us has McCutchen).

c Perez
1b Cabrera
2b Altuve
3b Machado
ss Bogaerts
of Trout
of Bradley Jr.
of Cain
dh Ortiz
p Sale

Both of my preseason Cy Youngs! Also, three Red Sox. Obviously, East Coast bias (note the New Jersey guy too). But two Royals.

If the NL gets a DH, I nominate Kris Bryant. Actually, that would be a good spot for Bumgarner too.

Rob’s response to my response:

AL – we agree on three

c Wieters
1b Napoli
2b Altuve
3b Castellanos
ss Lindor
of Reddick
of Springer
of Trout (last one in)
dh Big Papi
p Hamels

2 tribe 2 astros —

tough choices in both leagues: no Donaldson no Rizzo ahhhhh….

My response to Rob’s response to my response:

I debated Lindor and Springer too. Wieters is up there. Didn’t realize how good a year Reddick (especially for that ballpark) was having, or quite how underrated Castellanos is (though arguably so is Machado–he’s potentially in Trout/Harper territory depending on whom you read–though I belatedly noticed he’s played 37 games at SS and only 23 at 3B, but I guess he’s on the ballot at 3B so I’ll go with that). Of course, I think Hamels is underrated too (again, especially for that ballpark). The AL doesn’t have a Kershaw, Arrieta, MadBum, Thor, or Scherzer other than Sale (who is more Scherzer-like than the prior three or four names). I don’t think there’s much dropoff from Sale to Hamels. Bill James makes a good argument that Hamels is a lot like Lester and despite their detractors, both guys are in his top 20. I’ll go with that too.

Let’s play one (that counts)!


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