Endorsements and the Inexorable

City of Joyful Dread

The Revolution Will Be Intersectional outside City Hall Philadelphia during a Freddie Gray rally, April 30, 2015.  Available via Flickr.

This isn’t about Rex Ryan (though I do wonder how Tom Brady feels).

It’s more about my own endorsement, which you wouldn’t think would be that difficult since my car has a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker*, among approximately 34 others**.

* A 60something black hippie walking up to me outside my car in Camden a few months ago, apparently not noticing this: “Lemme guess, I bet you’re votin’ for Bernie Sanders.”

Me: “Most likely.”

Him: “I can always tell.  If you got bumper stickers: you’re votin’ for Bernie Sanders.  If you got a gun rack: you’re votin’ for Ted Cruz.”

** This also removes me from any jury pool where I will be asked the question, “Does your car have any bumper stickers?  If so, what are they?”  Specifically…

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