MLB Preview 2016: NL West


Jimmy Rollins and Freddy Galvis are not Dodgers.

I’m writing divisional previews this year (I think) because I had way too much to write about the AL West.

NL West

* = projected playoff team

Less than a week ago I ranked the NL West:


Then A.J. Pollock broke his elbow and, in a worst-case scenario, could miss the entire season.

So as I wrote Dodger Fan Friend Carol a few weeks before:

I may pick the Dodgers to win the NL West despite losing Greinke and whatever is happening with Puig or any other changes or question marks (I wasn’t a Mattingly fan so Roberts is at worst a neutral move).  On the other hand, it’s an even year.

Even without Pollock, Arizona’s rotation is pretty good: Greinke-Miller-Corbin-De La Rosa-Ray, with a deep bullpen behind them, and Socrates Brito.

The Dodgers rotation, at the moment, is Kershaw-Kazmir-Wood-Maeda-someone named Stripling I just had to Google (he’s from Blue Bell, PA, former home of Ryan Howard).  The best pitcher in baseball, and a bunch of high-risk, unknown-reward 3’s, 4’s, and 7’s.

The Giants rotation looks like Bumgarner-Cueto-Samardzija-Peavy-Cain(-Heston), which, it’s top-heavy, plus names who were once decent and not necessarily that far removed (Samardzija) from appearing acelike (though I always thought Samardzija was an underrated 3 who was overrated as an ace), but you know who they are.

The even year is irrelevant; I just think the Giants are a better team, for now, though maybe the even year thing is, you only need to be the wild card team to do the damage (since 2012 at least), so my Dodgers-Indians World Series can come true this year.


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