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Hockey Dreams, 2002

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From an old dream journal:


I. I’m in a huge hockey arena, way up in “luxury seats” far away from the ice. Bill Guerin is singing lounge songs.  He then becomes Alex Chilton, who walks with me and a few others onto a field.  He tells me to write down two aliases to use for team names, like a fantasy hockey team.  I write “Raven” and “Tramp,” after the Lowell Fulsom song covered by Chilton.

II. I take in a deer (with antlers, like a small reindeer) from my backyard, which is like a forest, with lots of trees.  I carry it upstairs and take it to bed with me, resting my head on it.  I wake up worried about, would it need to move its bowels, eat, was it OK?  It’s my old room from high school.  I wake up my mother (it’s 2 a.m.) and tell her what I’m worried about.  Her only response is, “What just happened in hockey?  I haven’t been following it this season.”  I’m offended, return to my room to check on the deer, but my light doesn’t work; I feel around and the deer isn’t on my bed either. I eventually find the deer in the corner, standing quietly looking out the window.



Flyers 2, Canucks 0

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Box score

More photos

I ordered tickets in advance this time.

Obscure-ish Flyers jersey in the stands: SNOW 30

Fans cheered Sheena Parveen on the Jumbotron for the weather forecast between periods.

Also, this:
Guy next to me: “Hey, I hope you don’t mind the smell of my hoagie, since I really want to finish it.”
Me: “Go right ahead, I can’t smell anything anyway.”
Him: “You can’t smell anything? Wha, you do coke?”
Me: “You got any?”
Ah, South Fluffya.