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Rosa Luxemburg on the 2015 Astros

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We find the same logic of the error as an internal condition of truth with Rosa Luxemburg, with her description of the dialectics of the revolutionary process. I am alluding here to her argument against Edward Bernstein, against his revisionist fear of seizing power too soon, “prematurely,” before the so‑called “objective conditions” had ripened. This was, it is well known, Bernstein’s main reproach to the revolutionary wing of social democracy: they are too impatient, they want to hasten, to outrun the objective logic of historical development. The answer of Rosa Luxemburg is that the first seizures of power are necessarily “premature”. The only way for the working class to reach its “maturity,” to await the arrival of the “appropriate moment” for the seizure of power, is to form itself, to educate itself for this act of seizure. And the only possible way of achieving this education is precisely by “premature” attempts. If we just wait for the “appropriate moment,” we will never live to see it, because this “appropriate moment” cannot arrive without the subjective conditions of the maturity of the revolutionary force (subject) being fulfilled. That is, it can arrive only after a series of “premature,” failed attempts…The opposition to the “premature” seizure of power is thus revealed to be opposition to the seizure of power as such, in general.
–Slavoj Žižek, Lacan and the Subject of Language (Routledge, 1991)

i.e. haters (Texas Rangers fans).


Slavoj Žižek’s playoff picks

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Symptoms are meaningless traces; their meaning is not discovered, excavated from the hidden depth of the past, but constructed retroactively. The analysis produces the truth, i.e., the signifying frame which gives to the symptoms their symbolic place and meaning. As soon as we enter the symbolic order, the past is always present in the form of historical tradition, of interwoven traces which constitute a synchronic network of signifiers. The meaning of these traces is not given; it changes continually with the transformations of the signifier’s network. Every historical rupture, every advent of a new master signifier, changes retroactively the meaning of all tradition, restructures the narration of the past, makes it readable in another, new way. Thus things which don’t make any sense suddenly mean something, but in an entirely other domain. What is a journey into the future if not this “overtaking” by means of which we suppose in advance the presence in the other of a certain knowledge‑knowledge about the meaning of our symptoms.
–from Lacan and the Subject of Language (Routledge, 1991)

In other words, Cubs in 7.

NHL 2015-2016 Season Preview

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Stanley Kup Inn

Totally ripping off Scott Cullen, my 2015-2016 picks, with the two minutes of thought this requires, working from West to East because West Coast bias.

* = playoff teams

Pacific Division
Los Angeles*
San Jose

Obvious picks: Anaheim
Formerly obvious picks: Los Angeles, who could miss the playoffs if the rest of the division were better; Vancouver, a 101-point team last season who will miss the playoffs; San Jose, who will miss Raffi Torres, and that’s sad
Non-obvious picks: Calgary, who will regress, but they have two Hamiltons!
Close: Edmonton, who will miss, but not by much
Where’s Sam Hinkie: Arizona

Central Division
St. Louis*

Obvious picks: St. Louis; Chicago (obvious until/unless proven otherwise); Dallas v. 2015-2016; Winnipeg if they had a goalie
Never an obvious pick: Nashville, whom I’m not picking, nor did I last year (fuck). UPDATE: I realized if I didn’t pick Nashville, I would need to pick Winnipeg or a Pacific Division team, so I’m picking Nashville. Narrowly ahead of the Oilers?
Who the fuck knows: Colorado: Patrick Roy could win the Jack Adams again, or the Vezina, or could be arrested for aggravated assault.
Also: Will the Blackhawks replace “Chelsea Dagger” already? May we suggest:

Atlantic Division
Tampa Bay*

Obvious picks: Tampa Bay, Montreal
Formerly obvious picks: Boston, who have Krejci, Rask, Pastrnak, Chara, Bergeron, and…Zac Rinaldo? Jonas Gustavsson?
Non-obvious picks: Ottawa, only because a full season of the Hamburglar may be a Craig Anderson injury away from becoming the disaster that the Anderson/Lehner/Hammond trio wasn’t last season
Non-obvious non-pick: Detroit, about whom I wrote last year: 23 years in the playoffs have to end at some point, and I think the odds are even it’s this year. And it was only a 100-point year.
The rest: Buffalo may be closer to a playoff spot than any of the other non-playoff teams here, but not this season (see also Oilers).

New York Rangers*
New York Islanders*
New Jersey

Obvious picks: The top four
Non-obvious pick: Probably Columbus, because Brandon Saad is still only one roster spot, and Jack Johnson is still one roster spot.

Western Conference Finals
St. Louis over Anaheim

Eastern Conference Finals
Washington over Tampa Bay

Stanley Cup Finals
Washington over St. Louis

Art Ross Trophy
Sidney Crosby

Rocket Richard Trophy
Vladimir Tarasenko

Hart Trophy
Vladimir Tarasenko

Vezina Trophy
Tuukka Rask

Norris Trophy
Mark Giordano

Calder Trophy
Connor McDavid

Adams Trophy
Barry Trotz

McDavid point total: 76
Eichel point total: 55

The 2015 Phillies: a brief recap

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An e-mail exchange with my cousin:

From: S
Date: Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 8:14 PM

I guess things are a bit tough when you find yourself rooting for your team to just avoid losing 100 games.

From: H
Date: Sun, Oct 4, 2015 8:15 pm

….but they did.

From: S
Date: Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 9:10 PM