Cubs 5, Phillies 1

Cubs 000

Cubs 008

Cubs 017

Cubs 159

Box score

More photos

Opposing team jerseys in the stands: SANDBERG 23, GARCIAPARRA 5, CASTRO 13, RIZZO 44, SANTO 10, BRYANT 17, SORIANO 12, LEE 25, RAMIREZ 16, FUKUDOME 1, SOTO 18, BANKS 14, SOLER 68, DeROSA 7, HERRERA 19 (him), PINIELLA 41, GRACE 17, WOOD 34, SZCZUR 41 (a relative?–he’s from Cape May and went to Villanova), MADDON 70 (I originally thought this was a Maddux jersey, and I saw it twice plus a shirsey), FONTENOT 17, ZAMBRANO 38, RUSSELL 22

Fake opposing team jerseys in the stands: ENGLE 20, CUFFTOWER, COINER (not as I initially thought a Ron Coomer jersey–he was a Cub in 2001), HEATER 19

Other opposing team jerseys in the stands: ARRIETA 34 (an Orioles shirsey so it counts here), PEREZ 13 (Kansas City Royals red and black All-Star jersey), KOUFAX 32 (Dodgers shirsey), TROUT 27 (Angels jersey)

Other opposing team shirsey, wrong sport: KREJCI 46 (Boston Bruins)

Also, two women in Cubs RIZZO jerseys (see photo) cut down an aisle mid-inning during the top of the 5th (when the Cubs scored two runs) without showing the usher their tickets.

Usher (loudly): “I guess they don’t wait in Chicago!”

Me: “Either that or they’ve been waiting over 100 years in Chicago.”

Usher: “Ain’t that the truth!! You got that right.”


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