Phillies 9, Cardinals 2

Cardinals 000

Cardinals 009

Cardinals 057

Box score

More photos

Cardinals jerseys in the stands: GIBSON 45, ANKIEL 24, McGEE 51, FREESE 23, BELTRAN 3, MUSIAL 6, MOLINA 4 (both jersey & shirsey), HOLLIDAY 7 (ditto), VIÑA 4, WAINWRIGHT 50, SMITH 1 (Ozzie not Lonnie), WACHA 52, BROCK 20

Phillies jerseys in the stands (other than the usual UTLEY, HOWARD, VICTORINO, HALLADAY, LEE, RUIZ or CHOOCH, SCHMIDT, and the green shamrock McGRAW shirseys): PENCE, FRANCOEUR (seriously?), KRATZ (only a shirsey, but seriously?), BURRELL, THOME, DOC HALLADAY (shirsey), HOOCH 32 (not to be confused with CHOOCH), ROSE, MATTHEWS, IBAÑEZ (both a jersey & a shirsey), LIEBERTHAL, BAD DAVE (I didn’t ask)

Also: Andres Blanco is now 8 for 24 as a pinch-hitter with 2 HR in 2015. Blanco has now hit 3 HR in exactly 100 AB as a Phillie over two seasons and I’ve seen all 3 in person (see also: vs. Mariners off Leone, vs. Giants off Bumgarner).


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