Felix & Corey

August Fagerstrom writes:

Corey Kluber just a won a Cy Young Award without an advantage in ERA, without an advantage in win/loss record, without name recognition and without his team making the playoffs. I’d be remiss to ignore the fact that many voters also cited his strong stretch run in the second half, but it sure seems like Corey Kluber just won a Cy Young Award largely due in part to his FIP. And despite the “old-school” reputation of the BBWAA, that’s a big step in the right direction.

A few missing numbers:

FIP: Kluber 2.35, Felix 2.56 (advantage Kluber)
xFIP: Kluber 2.57, Felix 2.51 (advantage Felix)
fWAR: Kluber 7.3, Felix 6.2 (advantage Kluber)
bWAR: Kluber 7.4, Felix 6.8 (advantage Kluber)
Home ERA: Kluber 2.40, Felix 2.07 (advantage Felix)
Road ERA: Kluber 2.49, Felix 2.21 (advantage Felix)
First half ERA: Kluber 3.01, Felix 2.12 (advantage Felix)
Second half ERA: Kluber 1.73, Felix 2.16 (advantage Kluber)

Yeah, it’s that close. Call me old school, but I might have voted for Felix.


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