Mets 4, Phillies 3

Mets 078

Box score

More photos

Overheard in the outfield: “My friend was actually here the one game the guy got tased. He said it was the best thing ever!”

Also: Citizens Bank Park now plays “God Bless America” immediately prior to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch; fans all turn to face the American flag in Ashburn Alley. By accident at today’s game the radio feed wasn’t turned off so fans in the outfield were treated to a simultaneous broadcast of “God Bless America” plus an Xfinity commercial. Or wasn’t it an accident; what could be more American than God, the flag, baseball, and the insatiable lust for capital?


2 Responses to “Mets 4, Phillies 3”

  1. rob espenscheid Says:

    Guess you’re an official jinx – r

  2. I am the 2013 Orioles. But the Duda abides.

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