The lull of Detroit













With a brief nod to the Hip, a few things:

– I think Mike Trout is the AL MVP, and outside of the immediate gaudy numbers and the narrative (Cabrera’s “second act” in the double F. Scott Fitzgerald sense, i.e. alcoholism, 2012 being his “third act”), it’s not especially close, once you consider speed, defense, quality of competition (more Rangers and A’s, less Royals and Indians and Twins), and home ballparks; see e.g. Posnanski;

– When I think Jim Leyland, I think cigars and obnoxiously sexist comments to a female reporter (he was the Rockies manager at the time, I believe);

– I root for the Royals in the AL Central (I want the 1980 World Series rematch) and was rooting for the A’s in the division series;

BUT … it would be awesome if the Tigers win the World Series.

Believe it or not, I could tolerate the Yankees for once (yeah, it’s the Ibanez factor, and nobody can hate Ichiro, it’s just plain illegal), but I’m clearly a Tigers fan the rest of the way.

Doug Fister‘s K per 9 as a Mariner (378 innings): 5.2
Doug Fister’s K per 9 as a Tiger (232 innings): 7.5
Doug Fister’s K per 9, postseason (30.1 innings): 7.7

Yeah, I don’t get it either, but I’m enjoying watching him almost as much as Verlander/Scherzer…almost. And he’s not my MVP, but Cabrera’s awesome too (saying I wouldn’t vote for the narrative doesn’t mean I don’t love the narrative), and Fielder (the fact that he’s Cecil’s son and the fact that he’s a vegan alone would do it for me), and that 1993 Phillies thing going on with Valverde that I hope Leyland has learned a bit from the sins of Jim Fregosi. (Game 6, Skydome, 1993, bottom of the 9th: KEEP ROGER MASON IN. Thanks.)

St. Louis/San Francisco? Don’t care so much. Sort of enjoyed the Cardinals/La Russa last year for a rare occasion for pure baseball reasons, but they’re God’s Team now, so of course I hate them. & San Francisco, it’s still 2010 for me. Whomever the Tigers can mow down quicker is fine with me.

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