Game Seven

Even though I eventually found out it was taken, I was hoping for weeks to title a Stanley Cup post “Long Time Running” in honour of the Hip and of course the Stanley Cup-winning Canucks.

Now, “Bobcaygeon” would be more appropriate:

I got to your house this morning just a little after nine
In the middle of that riot
Couldn’t get you off my mind

with “you” presumably being Tim Thomas.

Well, it has been 17 years since a riot in Vancouver. How sad– on all counts. How much torture for Vancouver fans, between the riots (especially if any of them owned a damaged car, or damaged property) and the Canucks, who not only blew the Cup but blew it with the memory and flesh of Cam Neely in the house.

I doubt either team will be back next year– Pittsburgh and Washington will be better in the East, maybe the Flyers depending on where Bryzgalov ends up; Chicago will be better in the West, Detroit and San Jose will be back, someone (Nashville? the previously hyped Kings?) will come out of relative nowhere– so the Bruins will enjoy it while it lasts, while the Canucks will wonder what might have– should have– been. If everyone were 100%, if Hamhuis weren’t injured, if puck luck didn’t end on Legends Way.

As a Canuck fan, it hurts. As a hockey fan, it was bitter even before last night. Tom Benjamin summed it up:

Canuck fans can take some consolation from the fact that, one way or another, this nightmare ends on Wednesday night.

The dream is over. The nightmare is over. The West Coast once meant endless summer, but for better and worse, everything, even West of the West, eventually ends.

photo courtesy of Gerry Kahrmann, PNG


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