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Ten Short Poems Organized Around the Last Names of Vancouver Canuck Goaltenders, #10: Suitcase Smith

Posted in Canucks-related on June 19, 2011 by wechslerh66

let’s blow this town & spend the night in some cheap motel
or maybe, Mr. President, we’ll use my name & just stay home

© 1994 by H. Wechsler


Seattle 4, Phillies 2

Posted in 2011 Phillies on June 18, 2011 by wechslerh66

Miguel Olivo went deep off Oswalt
when I went to sleep
& when I woke up–
reruns on Comcast;
Miguel Olivo’s a Mariner now?
.196/.274/.343 home,
.268/.288/.491 away–
who misses the Kingdome?
Worley vs. King Felix tonight
hope I’m drunk by ten

Luongo’s demons

Posted in Canucks-related on June 17, 2011 by wechslerh66

It’s probably been done elsewhere (as always, Tyler Dellow sums it up well), but:

Luongo career regular season: 308-269-75, .919%, 2.53
Luongo career playoffs: 32-27, .917%, 2.50

Luongo career Game 7s: 2-1, .931%, 1.62 (the only Game 7 before this season was a 4-1 win vs. Dallas in 2007)

Being beaten by Toews, Kane, Patrice Bergeron and Tim Thomas does not equate to not being clutch. If the Canucks don’t have a deep playoff run next season (and I expect they won’t), blame puck luck and the cruelty of the hockey gods, not some Borat clone from Bourassa who’s too mentally fragile to win when it really counts.

Ten Short Poems Organized Around the Last Names of Vancouver Canuck Goaltenders, #9: King Richard of Lotus Land

Posted in Canucks-related on June 17, 2011 by wechslerh66

“Way Out West” on a Walkman
a damask dress at dusk
Malibu on a moment
where opium meets musk

what if I called your bluff
what if you called mine
what if I touched your muff
like an ob/gyn

we are moving to the music
we are dancing till the dawn
we are walking with the werewolf
who’s exposed with nothing on

© 2011 by H. Wechsler

Game Seven

Posted in Canucks-related on June 16, 2011 by wechslerh66

Even though I eventually found out it was taken, I was hoping for weeks to title a Stanley Cup post “Long Time Running” in honour of the Hip and of course the Stanley Cup-winning Canucks.

Now, “Bobcaygeon” would be more appropriate:

I got to your house this morning just a little after nine
In the middle of that riot
Couldn’t get you off my mind

with “you” presumably being Tim Thomas.

Well, it has been 17 years since a riot in Vancouver. How sad– on all counts. How much torture for Vancouver fans, between the riots (especially if any of them owned a damaged car, or damaged property) and the Canucks, who not only blew the Cup but blew it with the memory and flesh of Cam Neely in the house.

I doubt either team will be back next year– Pittsburgh and Washington will be better in the East, maybe the Flyers depending on where Bryzgalov ends up; Chicago will be better in the West, Detroit and San Jose will be back, someone (Nashville? the previously hyped Kings?) will come out of relative nowhere– so the Bruins will enjoy it while it lasts, while the Canucks will wonder what might have– should have– been. If everyone were 100%, if Hamhuis weren’t injured, if puck luck didn’t end on Legends Way.

As a Canuck fan, it hurts. As a hockey fan, it was bitter even before last night. Tom Benjamin summed it up:

Canuck fans can take some consolation from the fact that, one way or another, this nightmare ends on Wednesday night.

The dream is over. The nightmare is over. The West Coast once meant endless summer, but for better and worse, everything, even West of the West, eventually ends.

photo courtesy of Gerry Kahrmann, PNG

At home he’s a Torres

Posted in Canucks-related on June 11, 2011 by wechslerh66

Odd stat of the playoffs:

Raffi Torres overall: 21 games, 3 G, 4 A, +3, 15.8 Sh%

Raffi Torres home: 11 games, 3 G, 3 A, +6, 25.0 Sh%

Raffi Torres road: 10 games, 0 G, 1 A, -3, 0.0 Sh%

The only point Torres has scored on the road is an assist on Jannik Hansen’s goal in the Canucks’ 8-1 Game Three loss at TD Garden.

What’s odder is, Torres’s regular season splits were almost exact mirrors of each other:

Raffi Torres regular season: 80 games, 14 G, 15 A, +4, 78 PM, 12.2 Sh%

Raffi Torres regular season home: 40 games, 6 G, 8 A, +5, 17 PM, 12.2 Sh%

Raffi Torres regular season road: 40 games, 8 G, 7 A, -1, 61 PM, 12.1 Sh%

Other than tripling his PM and a slightly worse +/- on the road (presumably the result of unsuccessful line matchups on the road, or just random luck in a small sample size), Torres had the same Sh% and almost as many goals/assists (helped somewhat by his 11/2/10 hat trick at Rexall Place).

What does this mean for Games Six and Seven? Well, nothing. Other than an excuse to quote Gang of Four.

Go Canucks!

Ten Short Poems Organized Around the Last Names of Vancouver Canuck Goaltenders, #8: Hanlon

Posted in Canucks-related on June 11, 2011 by wechslerh66

Hanlon was a red-haired man
who spoke in silver tongues.
He saved his oratory for
the messenger he hung.

They found him in Chicoutimi
and charged him with the death.
He said, “It’s all so new to me–
I thought her name was Beth.”

© 1994 by H. Wechsler