Stanley Cup pick

Despite the fact that I’m a Canuck fan– or more relevantly, was a Canuck fan twenty years ago, during the Snepsts II era, and during the Keenan era (Comcast’s Ron Burke referred to them as the Keenucks– ugh)– I don’t think this series will be a long one. With no lack of respect for Boston, Vancouver’s top three (the Sedins plus Kesler) are better than any Bruin forward. (Who’s the best Bruin forward? Bergeron? Krejci?) Chara is (literally) the only Norris winner on D, if underwhelming vs. Tampa Bay, but he and Seidenberg are the only Bruins who would make the Canucks’ top four. Vancouver may not have an edge in goal for once, debatably, though the playoff numbers are dead on:

Thomas playoffs 12-6, .929, 2.29, 2 ShO
Luongo playoffs 12-6, .922, 2.29, 2 ShO

Thomas may be able to steal a game or two, but probably not four. History allegedly favors the Bruins, but I don’t know that Boston’s 20-2-1 record vs. the Canucks in the 1970s will be relevant in 2011, nor will the Bruins’ 3-1 win at Rogers Arena in February.

An underdog Canuck team went winless vs. the 1982 Islanders for the Cup, but it was close; Vancouver lost 6-5 (Snepsts famously passing to Bossy in OT), 6-4, 3-0, and 3-1. An underdog Boston team won’t go winless, and it will be close, but it won’t be long. The Bruins don’t need another Vancouver shakedown, but I’m predicting one. Canucks in five.


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