A few words for Phillies fans chanting “USA! USA! USA!” upon the death of Osama Bin Laden, May 1, 2011

The death of Bin Laden, who was supposedly assassinated by US forces while in Pakistan, is irrelevant. It never mattered that he was alive to begin with, given the very operation his organisation was supposedly running. The same mistake was made by the Red Brigades operating in Italy during the 1970s – one cannot attack the capitalist system by merely murdering capitalists. The nodal points of business still function with a degree of effortlessness, resisting the slight bumps of assassination. Ideas do tend to outlive their holders. As Roland Jacquard claimed in 2002, Al Qaeda ‘no longer needs either [Bin Laden’s] physical existence or his funds; alive or dead, he has become a talisman for a diffuse, self-sufficient terrorist network with every intention of fulfilling its mission to “lead the world into the apocalypse”.’ One might as well start bumping off the managers of Coca Cola.
— Binoy Kampmark, quoted in COUNTERPUNCH, 5/2/2011

A shadu la ilaha illa Allah
–Steve Earle, “John Walker’s Blues”

Also worth remembering: Kyle Kendrick is a AAA pitcher. Beware the two unearned runs and 2/8 K/BB ratio* behind the 2.08 ERA in 13 IP! The ghosts of Michael Mimbs and Kyle Abbott will track you down!

* Half of the walks are intentional, but beware nonetheless.

* Also note: this is NOT a defense of Bin Laden or “Bin Ladenism”– merely a comment that destroying one individual, however deserving, does not destroy the energy behind the destruction that he, and his followers, and his destroyers, and the destroyers of his destroyers, and the destroyers of the destroyers of his destroyers, &c. hath wrought.


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