Shocking stat of the week

Brandon Prust— he of the 6 goals and 296 PM in 107 career games between 2006-2010– is tied for the NHL lead with 5 shorthanded goals.

Only Frans Nielsen– which shockingly is actually less shocking– has as many shorthanded goals.

(Flyers fans: Richards and Giroux are tied with 3, one ahead of Timonen and Darroll Powe.)

Prust’s overall numbers are mixed.

He’s 9th among Ranger forwards in 5v5 TOI (ahead of, among other Rangers, Sean Avery, Vinny Prospal, and $1.625M worth of Derek Boogaard, who’s dead last), but 4th in 4v5 TOI (behind only Callahan, Dubinsky, and Boyle).

His relative Corsi of -3.1 ranks him ahead of only Drury, Prospal, Christensen, and the now-deposed Boogaard and Todd White among regular forwards (both Staal and Girardi are worse among the D).

His Qualcomp of 0.003 is sixth among regular forwards, though, behind only the Anisimov-Dubinsky-Callahan top line* and his own linemates of Boyle and Fedotenko.

(* assuming Marian Gaborik healthy does not automatically = Top Line– I’m not a Ranger fan so I defer to the consensus)

As one would expect for someone with 5 ShG, his 4v5 P/60 is also tops on the team at 3.30 (excluding Todd White’s killer small sample size of 14.12).

His shooting percentage of 14.1 is high– he’s tied for 48th overall with Clarke MacArthur– though actually lower than it was last season.

Overall, not a bad return for Ales Kotalik and Chris Higgins, especially at a mere $800K cap hit. And especially when you throw in Olli and his moves.

Too bad his brother Marcel never worked out…no wait, that was him. Why was I thinking Marcel Prust?

Note: Stats courtesy of FAQ available here.


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