World Series picks

Someone on ESPN 950 recommended watching Law & Order reruns on Wednesday night over a World Series Game One between Texas and San Francisco. Sadly, Law & Order reruns won’t be on Wednesday night, so below are my picks, courtesy of Detective Goren and Detective Eames (as opposed to Gorman Thomas and Patrick Eaves):

Cody Ross will not slug .950.

Derek Holland, not Tommy Hunter, will be the Game 4 starter unless the Rangers are down 3-0 (hello, Cliff Lee).

The Rangers won’t be down 3-0.

Bengie Molina will be brutal in 75% of his AB and torment his old team the other 25%. (World Series MVP dark horse?)

To quote someone on WIP 610, Vlad Will Rake.

Uribe (whom I belatedly figured out wasn’t The Other Uribe, who sadly is deceased) will homer but it won’t matter the way it did in Game Six.

I’m torn between Texas in 7 (San Francisco is tough at home, bad on the road, loses a few heartbreakers) and Texas in 4 (the Rangers as the 2005 White Sox or 2007 Red Sox whose opponent’s luck is running out). Texas in 7 would be better to watch, but my call is more torture for San Francisco: Texas in 4.

Probable World Series MVPs: Cliff Lee, Vlad, Bengie Molina, Ruben Amaro.


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