Game Two










Random Game Two notes, other than the obvious (Oswalt 9 Ks on 111 pitches, 71 for strikes; Torres 4 Ks in 4 AB; Rollins’ 3 0 2 4 redemption):

We were immediately behind the Obstructed View section 116 where the photographers were, a few rows behind the obsessive woman with the SMOOCH CHOOCH sign and even more rows behind the woman with the COLE, PROM? sign. (What would Heidi think?)

Fan signs behind the SF dugout whenever Burrell was up:
and the even more original LOSER.

Burrell also won the AT&T “Who is your favorite ex-Phillie & Giant?” fan vote over Aaron Rowand, Garry Maddox, and Gary Matthews. Where’s Cookie?

Someone held up a WARM UP POWERS sign in the 6th when Sanchez was tiring. Even though he was never a Giant, I immediately thought of him.

Drunk guy in men’s room staring at 2008 World Series roster t-shirt of man at urinal ahead of him: “What the fuck happened to Dobbs this year? Dobbs shit on himself…”

Drunk guys behind me when Sandoval was at bat in the 8th: “Man, you can see his gut from all the way up here.”

Madson chant in the 9th: “Let’s go, Mad Dog!” Guy next to me: “Who???”

Tomorrow afternoon: Hamels (2010 SIERA of 3.19) vs. Cain (2010 SIERA of 3.90). My money’s on Cole.


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