Round Two picks

Well, I knew the Phils would win. On to Round Two:

Phillies (97-65) vs. San Francisco (92-70)
Jayson Werth’s beard vs. Brian Wilson’s beard. Lincecum vs. Halladay. Pat Burrell vs. the Irish Pub. I’ll take the East Coast hipster (387 hipster bars vs. 340 sports bars!), Doc and the Pub. Scary pitching stat: Roy Oswalt would be 4th among Giant starters with a VORP of 31.1….in twelve starts as a Phillie. His overall VORP of 55.5 would rank 1st. (So would Hamels with his 50.4 VORP.) Even with Oswalt pitching for the Phils, I fully expect San Francisco’s only win to be Game Two behind Jonathan Sanchez (we’ve got tickets). Phils in 5.

Texas (90-72) vs. New York Yankees (95-67)
I was willing to go either way until I heard Darren Daulton on ESPN 950 worshiping the Yankees as “perennial winners.” Well, if you mean 2009. Regardless, did Derek Jeter’s 175 postseason hits from 1996-2009 help him hit .286/.286/.286 vs. the Twins in Round One– and if so, how do you explain his .412/.412/.471 postseason debut vs. the 1996 Texas Rangers as a rookie? Experience may not be totally irrelevant, but apparently it means more when you win with it than when you lose with it. Texas won’t win because Cliff Lee was 4-0, 1.56 in the 2009 playoffs, but because Cliff Lee will outpitch Andy Pettitte twice in 2010. The Yankees have only lost one ALCS since the Royals beat them in 1980, and they had to blow a 3-0 series lead to do so. The ghosts of Bump Wills and Rusty Greer are due. Rangers in 6.


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