ARod’s AAA debut

August 3, 1994. The Calgary Cannons beat the Colorado Springs Sky Sox 14-2, with 3 RBIs each from Darren Bragg and ex-Phils Jerry Willard (!) and Dale Sveum (!!). ARod, batting 8th, went 1 for 4 with a strikeout and a run scored, also reaching on an error only to be caught stealing to end a five-run first inning. Soon-to-be-ex-Phil Erik Plantenberg , who never started a game in the majors, went 8 innings (with 6 walks and a HBP) for the win.

Other notables in the lineup included soon-to-be Rockies catcher Jayhawk Owens and second baseman Roberto Mejia plus Marc Newfield, who would be traded for both Andy Benes (to the Padres) and Greg Vaughn (to the Brewers) despite a career OPS+ of 76.

Bonus ex-Phillies content: ARod was the Mariners’ top prospect in 1994. Desi Relaford was 9th.


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