Ruiz and OBP

Someone I know recently had a dream Carlos Ruiz was hitting on her at close range in a diner booth. He asked her to refer to him as “El Gato.” Unfortunately for her, she woke up.

Ruiz won’t ever be confused with “the Big Cat” Andres Galarraga— Ruiz is Panamanian, Galarraga was Venezuelan; Ruiz has 24 career HR, Galarraga ended his career with 399 (one more than ex-Phil Dale Murphy, by the way)– but he’s currently hitting .288/.394/.404 in 208 AB, a career high in OBP by almost 40 points thanks to 35 walks (6 of them intentional).

How would a .394 OBP rank all-time among Phillies catchers? Below are the top 15 single-season leaders plus Ruiz (minimum 100 AB):

Todd Pratt, 2002 .449
Jack Clements, 1894 .448
Jack Clements, 1895 .442
Smoky Burgess, 1954 .432
Mike Grady, 1894 .423
Jack Clements, 1896 .415
Tim McCarver, 1977 .410
Tim McCarver, 1976 .409
Butch Henline, 1923 .402
Todd Pratt, 2003 .400
Andy Seminick, 1950 .400
Mike Grady, 1895 .399
Spud Davis, 1932 .395
Ed McFarland, 1899 .394
Carlos Ruiz, 2010 .394 (projected)
Clay Dalrymple, 1962 .393

Shockingly, Ruiz would beat Darren Daulton (best single season: .392 in 1993, when he hit 24 HR with 117 walks and finished 7th in MVP voting). Also trailing the Chooch Train: Bob Boone (.367 in 1979) and Mike Lieberthal (.373 in 2003).

Speaking of catchers, Bob Uecker as a Phillie, from 1966-1967: .202/.278/.322 with 7 HR in 242 AB– half of his 14 career HR.

And Galarraga? His best single-season OBP was .403 in 1993—with only 24 walks! (When you hit .370 as a Rockie…)


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