How the Royals became even worse than the Phillies

What’s his star potential? Why did the Royals trade him for Steve Jeltz?
Irrational fear. DeJesus had a minor injury, and the Royals were afraid of going into the season with no backup infielder. The Royals a year ago thought they could win, and, perceiving themselves as having a winning hand, were afraid of losing because Frank White was old and they had no one behind him. In retrospect, it would have been wiser to head into the season with Frank White unsupported, and then try to make some arrangements on the fly if White couldn’t cut it.
DeJesus has awesome stuff, but will probably battle his control for several years, and will probably have arm trouble before he finds his control. I’ll be surprised if he becomes a star, and if he does it will be a couple of years yet.
–Bill James on Jose de Jesus, The Baseball Book 1991

Steve Jeltz, 1990: .155/.200/.194 in 103 AB, 0 HR, 12 OPS+ (not a typo)

Frank White, 1990 (age 39): .216/.253/.307 in 241 AB, 2 HR, 58 OPS+

1990 Kansas City Royals: 75-86, 6th place, AL West

1990 Philadelphia Phillies: 77-85, 4th place, NL East


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