Phillies 4, Diamondbacks 2

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Arizona 007

Arizona 008

Arizona 013

Arizona 019

Arizona 020

Arizona 021

Arizona 022

Arizona 025

Arizona 026

Arizona 028

Arizona 030

Arizona 031

Arizona 035

Arizona 038

Arizona 039

Arizona 041

Arizona 042

Arizona 048

Arizona 052

Arizona 054

Giants 7, Phillies 4

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San Francisco 000

San Francisco 010

San Francisco 011

San Francisco 012

San Francisco 014

San Francisco 015

San Francisco 018

San Francisco 019

San Francisco 020

San Francisco 021

San Francisco 022

San Francisco 023

San Francisco 026

San Francisco 028

San Francisco 029

San Francisco 030

San Francisco 031

San Francisco 032

San Francisco 034

San Francisco 036

San Francisco 038

San Francisco 040

San Francisco 041

San Francisco 043

San Francisco 048

San Francisco 053

San Francisco 054

San Francisco 056

San Francisco 058

San Francisco 068

San Francisco 069

San Francisco 070

San Francisco 075

San Francisco 077

San Francisco 079

San Francisco 083

San Francisco 087

San Francisco 092

San Francisco 093

San Francisco 094

San Francisco 095

San Francisco 113

Overheard at the game:
(on Asche) “He’s a better defender than he is an offender.”

(to Pence, after he threw a foul ball to a fan in right field) “Ya got a candy arm!!!”

More on the Angels

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Rally Monkey

Writer Friend Rob in Iowa e-mails after the Angels’ 16-inning win over Seattle Friday night:
Out of the box…2nd half…Pujols/Hamilton combined: 1/13, no runs, no RBIs, 3 Ks. Oh yeah, and the Angels pulled it out. It’s almost as if Calif might make the post season in spite of P/H. Beyond embarrassing.

I wouldn’t be too concerned with 13 AB, especially in a pitchers’ park against a decent M’s staff (Angel Stadium–wasn’t it Edison Field until, like, a week ago?–now appears to be pitcher-friendly, though not as friendly as Safeco-and I’m shocked to see Citizens Bank #28, though that may be the Phils offense this season, e.g. Cesar Hernandez and the remains of Dom Brown, as much as the actual ballpark).

The concern with Hamilton is that he’s walking more than ever (career high walk rate of 11.3% of his AB, thanks, Fangraphs), which sounds like a good thing, but also striking out more than ever (career high K rate of 29.1% of his AB), which suggests that the dude simply can’t make good contact anymore and is a really really old 33. And he’s signed through 2017.

Pujols is sort of the opposite: a career LOW walk rate, but striking out the same as his career rate (and signed through 2021). I’m less concerned with him, other than the contract. He’s still above average, if barely, and at least you can move him from 1B to DH as needed. I’d rather have him than Mark Trumbo.

I don’t like the Grilli-Frieri trade. I get it as a change-of-scenery thing, but Frieri is 8 years younger and has pitched much better than his ERA this year (strikeout/walk ratio of about 4-1); Grilli on the other hand has pitched worse than his ERA (strikeout/walk ratio of about 2-1). Frieri is (I think) now a setup guy for the Pirates; with the Huston Street acquisition, Grilli is now buried in middle relief. Both Frieri and Grilli are free agents after the season. Maybe Frieri was an asshole in the clubhouse and/or maybe the Angels wanted the veteran Grilli who seems like a decent mentor-type to have around. Skills-wise, I don’t get it.

For that matter, I don’t really get the Huston Street acquisition, since I don’t think he’s much of an upgrade over Joe Smith, who was closing for the Angels and has been terrific (15 SV, 2.22 ERA, strikeout/walk ratio of 5-1). I guess it doesn’t hurt to have two potential closers and the Angels may have given up quantity more than quality (though as the 1980s Phillies will tell you, all it takes is one Julio Franco to even out a 5-for-1–or a 4-for-2 in this case).

Whatever, these are marginal differences in the long run. If Trout, Pujols, Kendrick, Richards, and at least one other starter (Weaver/Wilson/Skaggs) can remain healthy, the Angels are now 20 games over .500 so this should be enough to make a run. I’ll still take the A’s to win the West. The AL is anyone’s guess.

Did I mention I hated the David Freese trade too?

On the quality of the basketball fan base on Philadelphia sports talk radio, as exemplified by the 97.5 The Fanatic NBA Draft Night show

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Angry Sixers Fan complaining about the trade for Croatian power forward Dario Saric, who is under contract with the Adriatic League and likely won’t join the Sixers for two more years: “What?!?!, I’m grossed out…it’s like, where’s Croatia??” (actual quote)

Host Nick Kayal after Angry Sixers Fan drops off: “He’s ‘grossed out,’ what is this, 1983? And he doesn’t know where Croatia is? This guy needs a good atlas.”

Ibañez and Bonilla

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Like Satan, Raúl Ibañez is now an ex-Angel. If his career is over (i.e. if Ruben Amaro doesn’t sign him), Ibañez will end his career at .273/.336/.467 with 303 homers–only 27 of which were hit before his age 30 season. According to Baseball Reference, his most similar players were Bobby Bonilla, Fred Lynn, Del Ennis, and Paul O’Neill. On a related note: the Mets will pay Bobby Bonilla $1,193,248.20 in 10 days.
Bonilla as a Met (5 years): .270/.356/.495, 95 HR, 128 OPS+
Ibañez as a Phillie (3 years): .264/.329/.469, 70 HR, 111 OPS+

Other baseball-related notes:

It’s pronounced “ROOG-ned o-DOOR.” And his uncle’s name is Rouglas Odor.

Troy Tulowitzki leads the majors in batting average, OBP, and slugging percentage at .362/.452/.654 (a 1.106 OPS) as well as OPS+ (185) and bWAR (5.0). (He’s technically tied with Lonnie Chisenhall in average.)
Tulowitzki home: .483/.558/.862 (1.420 OPS)
Tulowitzki road: .252/.355/.465 (.820 OPS)
Jimmy Rollins 2014 road numbers: .265/.344/.462 (.806 OPS)

The Phillies: still the oldest offense (31.2) and the second oldest pitching staff (30.8, just ahead of the Giants at 31.6) in the NL. (Frighteningly, the Braves are the youngest offense in the NL, just ahead of the less surprising Cubs, Pirates, and Marlins.) In fact, the only older offense in the majors is, even less surprisingly, the Yankees (32.8). The Red Sox also have an older pitching staff (31.2) than the Phils–and, at the moment, as many wins (the Phils: 34-39, the Red Sox: 34-41). Obviously, the Phils need Ibañez.

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2014 Stanley Cup Final pick

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Rogie Vachon

What Willis wrote.

Plus this: we know, Quick has been mediocre so far this playoffs (.906 SV%). Lundqvist has been more or less terrific (league-leading .928 SV%)

But Quick’s career SV%: regular season .915, playoffs .922.

Lundqvist’s career SV%: regular season .920, playoffs .922.

Larger sample size. Better overall career.

It won’t be because of one statistic or one position, of course, but given the difference at that position, and a really really close matchup otherwise (Robyn Regehr is injured, so, whatever), my pick is Rangers in seven.

If I’m wrong, well, Kings in six.

Mets 4, Phillies 3

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Mets 011

Mets 012

Mets 015

Mets 017

Mets 019

Mets 021

Mets 024

Mets 026

Mets 027

Mets 028

Mets 030

Mets 032

Mets 037

Mets 041

Mets 043

Mets 044

Mets 045

Mets 046

Mets 047

Mets 048

Mets 049

Mets 050

Mets 051

Mets 058

Mets 059

Mets 060

Mets 070

Mets 073

Mets 074

Mets 076

Mets 077

Mets 078

Mets 079

Mets 080

Mets 081

Mets 087

Overheard in the outfield: “My friend was actually here the one game the guy got tased. He said it was the best thing ever!”

Also: Citizens Bank Park now plays “God Bless America” immediately prior to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch; fans all turn to face the American flag in Ashburn Alley. By accident at today’s game the radio feed wasn’t turned off so fans in the outfield were treated to a simultaneous broadcast of “God Bless America” plus an Xfinity commercial. Or wasn’t it an accident; what could be more American than God, the flag, baseball, and the insatiable lust for capital?


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